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by Lao She (1899-1966), is comp▓ulsory reading for high school students▓ across the country. As Lao She des▓cribes it, Jinan's winter is unlike thos▓e of other northern cities. It is "benevolent" - warm, sunn

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y and "without the sound of wind". It is "an old city,▓ with many hills and springs, asleep in warmth and c▓omfort

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, waiting to be awakened by spring's breeze". T▓his "land of dreams" is where I was▓ born and grew up. Nurtured by its

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p▓leasant weather, Jinan people are naturally gener▓ous, hospitable, joyous, with a special enthusiasm for drinking. This capital of East China's Shandong province is also known as t▓he "city of springs", with 72 of them dotting the la▓ndscape. While their locations, history, and characteristics have been meticulously documented, B


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aotu Spring is the most well known. It ranks alongside Qianfo Hill and Daming Lake as Jinan's ▓top sight. Water

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gushes from the three mouths of Baotu Spring all year round, feeding its people, and telling its st▓ories. S

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